Magical Days in July – What To Do & Not To Do On These Days

Use the magic of this month and perform that brings abundance, cleanse your energy envelope, heal from illness and use the phases of the moon to achieve your goals.

The month of July is truly one of the rare months that I can freely say is a MAGICAL and exceptional month for various rituals as well as for life moves. The right time for positive magic, the three days after the new moon are the most favorable for casting spells for growth and new beginnings, which should be realized on the full moon. Everything after that time is the landing phase.

Candle For A Wish

In order to fulfill your wish, I suggest a small and completely harmless ritual. As soon as you see the New Moon on the horizon, you should immediately light a candle next to which you will meditate very deeply. You need to think about the desire, very deeply in such a way that you can form your desire into a short sentence. You should say this wish 70 times before the New Moon. If this is done, you can extinguish the candle, which you will light again only in the morning when you get up. It doesn’t matter when you wake up, only waking up matters. Light the candle again and say your wish 70 times. After that, blow out the candle.

Another and even better ritual is the following; summer is a symbol of fertility and the grace of the gods, so it is the ideal period for performing rituals to make wishes come true. Take a small pad and a pen, go out into nature, sit comfortably and enjoy the beauty of greenery and flowers. While inhaling the scented air with your full lungs, close your eyes for a few moments and imagine how your worries come out with each exhalation. Then write down the wish and the date of its fulfillment on paper. Don’t worry too much about how it will be fulfilled, but concentrate on the outcome. When you’re done, set the paper on fire, scatter the ashes on the grass, and slowly head home. Don’t look back, let your wish work for you and come true within the specified time.

In ancient times, people tried to win the favor of the gods and held festivals in their honor to protect themselves from misfortune, disease and poverty. Rituals for fertile fields were performed in the spring, and harvest days were celebrated at the end of July and beginning of August, harvesting the fruits of hard work and effort.

How to take advantage of the magical July

I am listing the magical days in July with a recommendation to make good use of them:

July 12

Many interesting rituals are associated with St. Peter’s Day. You should get up early and “bath” in the rays of the rising sun. For good health throughout the year, wash yourself with dew. After that, pick the flowers and, while you are weaving a wreath from them, think about a wish. Keep the wreath in the house until your wish comes true. Lonely people should pick a bouquet of flowers, put it on a pillow and sleep like that.

July 20

It is Perun’s day, and he is the God of thunder, lightning and the protector of warriors. According to tradition, on this day you should not bathe, sit by the fire or go out into the storm. If one sits under an oak tree, it is believed that the person will gain strength and good health during the year. On this day, oak and birch branches are harvested from which brooms are made. Since this is Perun’s day, you can turn to him and ask him to grant you three wishes.

July 25

On this day, bathe in dew because it brings beauty.

July 29

Collect the grain, tie the bundle with a red ribbon and keep it in a corner of the house. In this way, the household members will be protected from bad energy. These were one of the many rituals that are performed in this month, but I have listed only those that you can do yourself without any counter-effects.

In the rest of the text, I will list the days by energy bundles and how they will affect health.

July 1 – 6: You can expect events in the chest area as well as in the head area, some people will feel increased secretions.

July 7-12: strong cosmic energy waves are expected so that you will not be surprised by headaches, migraines, mild nausea, heart problems, but some will also feel mild events in the area of the lungs.

July 13-16: In this period, the gentler sex should take more account of gynecological events, and the stronger sex should pay more attention to blood and heart pressure.

July 17 to 21: days “intended” for an elevated nervous system, so if you feel nervousness, tension, that your eyes are heavy, i.e. you can hardly see, know that it is precisely because of the atmospheric pressure.

In the period from July 22 to 26, you can expect heart disturbance, i.e. cardiac muscle, lower pressure, but also events in the spinal area; women should pay attention during those days to the eggs.

On the 27th and 28th until the afternoon, flat, i.e., calm energies are expected, and no stronger global events are expected.

During the last three days of the hottest month of the year, breathing problems, mild stomach problems, head, chest and milder hormonal problems are expected.

This July really inspires you to start yourself, your business as well as your emotional part. Make the most of it. My dears, I wish you a magically pleasant and warm summer.