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4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Unfaithful (Least Loyal Zodiac Signs)

Let’s face it some people find it more difficult to be faithful than others. This can be for a variety of reasons from not having the confidence to end one relationship before beginning another to simply putting their own desires before someone else’s. Whilst every situation is unique, so are the people who are being cheated on and doing the cheating.

There is no judgment made of any sign of the zodiac in this article or any individual that is born under a particular star sign. To be clear, a person’s sun sign does not label them as being unfaithful. The purpose of this article is to draw attention to the personality traits that certain zodiac signs have that may lead to them being unfaithful.

So which are the four zodiac signs most likely to be unfaithful? The least loyal zodiac signs are Scorpio, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius, and here’s why.

#1 Scorpio

Scorpios have a high sex drive, and this can be too much for many other signs of the zodiac. It can also lead to Scorpio looking elsewhere for physical action if their passions are not inflamed in their relationship. When Scorpio sees something they want, whether it be a relationship with another person or something more material, they will stop at nothing to fulfill their desires. This includes lying and manipulating if required.

On the flip side of this, when in love, Scorpios are very loyal and committed to their relationships, so it is certainly not a given that cheating will occur. More importantly, a great sex life should not be the focus of making your relationship with a Scorpio successful. This sign cannot help but react to their emotions and feelings and will work hard to make any relationship work.

Once a Scorpio has made their mind up about something, whether it be to commit to your relationship, have an affair or leave the relationship, nothing will change their mind.

#2 Libra

Libra is the most ethical of cheaters if that is at all possible. When there are difficulties in their relationship, they will work hard to try and restore harmony. However, all Libran people dislike arguments and disagreements and will avoid them at all costs. They would prefer to try and live a life in parallel with you and bury their heads in the sand, so to speak.

Libra is unlikely to cheat on a physical level, although, of course, this is not impossible, their mind will certainly wander. They may try and rekindle relationships with former lovers or seek out potential suitors on a social level making it clear in an open-ended way that they are not ‘currently’ available for dating as they are in a relationship. This won’t stop Libra from seeking out the company of these people and spending time with them, but whether this constitutes cheating may be open to interpretation.

If your relationship with a Libra is coming to an end, they will try to do it on friendly and considerate terms. They are unlikely to make the leap until they have a ‘plan b’ firmly in place.

#3 Leo

Leos love to be the center of attention and will find it difficult to resist people who treat them as royalty or superior. Their ego and self-confidence can make them attractive to others, and they will often find themselves in positions of authority which can further increase the attraction. They can easily stray if their egos are massaged by a potential suitor.

Their supreme self-confidence also means that they feel that they are so great it is their duty to share their love and their bodies with more than one person. Opportunities present themselves to Leos because they are naturally outgoing and sociable characters. The life and soul of every party, so to speak.

Leo has little difficulty in cheating on their partner or moving on from a relationship because they are too self-absorbed to consider the other person. They also love a bit of drama even when they are the cause of the drama itself.

#4 Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a restless character who is endlessly inquisitive in their search for new and exciting experiences. They are spontaneous people who make spur-of-the-moment decisions often without considering the consequences. Therefore, an unhappy Sagittarius will often cheat on their partners either with one person intermittently or a number of different people.

Their carefree attitude to life and adventurous spirit makes them attractive to others. They will be honest with the people they are cheating with in saying they are in a relationship if the question arises and be blunt about the reasons why they are cheating.

The problem for poor Sagittarius is that once the magic of a new and exciting relationship has gone, so has their enthusiasm for the relationship. However, they want to think the best of every relationship and remain positive. This makes them reluctant to end the relationship but unhappily stuck within it.