most loyal zodiac signs

4 Star Signs That Are The Most Loyal

Whilst some star signs are more adventurous and are likely to be less faithful partners there are some signs that are more likely to be loyal. If you are looking to develop a long term relationship or just require some stability in your relationships then you can do worse that look at the four signs outlined below. It should be said that these selections are based purely upon the personality traits of these four star signs as individuals rather than in combination with any other specific sign. The combination of your sign and these four are not necessarily a good or bad match.

1. Cancer

Cancerians are easily hurt by past experiences and they never forget things that have happened in the past. They thrive on the feeling of security that comes from being in a relationship and quickly treat partners as part of the family. A Cancerian partner will not easily break from a relationship unless the emotional pain it causes is overwhelming to them. They would rather work with their partner to resolve any difficulties between them however hard this may be.


Capricorn are the ultimate sign for sticking at anything they put their mind to and not giving up. Each relationship obstacle is a learning opportunity and can only improve the relationship right? Well that is the Capricorn’s point of view but their partner may just (not unreasonably?) think that each obstacle is a sign of a lack of compatibility between them. Whatever the reality Capricorn will rarely give up on a relationship unless they feel completely unwanted or the other person is making no effort at all in return.


Libra (along with Taurus) are ruled by the planet Venus and Libra does not like any kind of upset or ill feeling. They will work hard to resolve any conflicts quickly and be able to see their partner’s point of view as well as their own. With such a reasonable approach to problem solving it is difficult to convince Libra that any problem in insurmountable. Libra will withdraw into themselves if they find it all a little too unpleasant to deal with and this is a good indication to their partner that things are reaching breaking point.