| A Deeper Understanding of Zodiac Signs

A Deeper Understanding of Zodiac Signs

About today

  • 2019. November 16.
  • Today's zodiac is Scorpio.
  • Today is the 6. day of the week.
  • The 46. week of the year.
  • This month has 30 days.
  • It is the 16. day of the month.
  • This year is not a leap year.
  • Daily Planet:
  • Jupiter Jupiter
  • Daily Mineral:
  • Chalcedony Chalcedony
  • Did you know?
  • Old Moores Almanack has been published since 1697 and still has a large readership today. Originally written by Francis Moore who was an astrologer who worked at the court of Charles II it first contained only weather forecasts. Today, the publication includes lucky numbers, astrological predictions, celebrity astrological profiles as well as astrological information such as phases of the moon.

Understanding Zodiac Signs

Typically when we speak about zodiac signs, we are, in fact, speaking about our “Sun Sign”, the approximately thirty-day window for each sign.

The western zodiac is divided into 12 signs, which start at the spring equinox, moving through spring, summer, fall and winter. They are split into the four elements of nature: fire, earth, air, and water.

Fire proves to be explosive, charismatic and bigger than life. Earth presents as grounded, centered and stable. Air is intellectual, communicative and witty. Water feels emotional, peace loving and intuitive.

The zodiac signs also contain three qualities: cardinal, fixed and mutable.

  • kínai horoszkóp 2015Cardinal signifies action, initiation, and drive.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015Fixed implies endurance, persistence, and staying power.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015Mutable allows change, flow, and open-mindedness.

Each sign is unique in its signature. For example:

  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Aries is a cardinal fire sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Taurus is a fixed earth sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Gemini is a mutable air sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Cancer is a cardinal water sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Leo is a fixed fire sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Virgo is a mutable earth sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Libra is a cardinal air sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Scorpio is a fixed water sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Aquarius is a fixed air sign.
  • kínai horoszkóp 2015 Pisces is a mutable water sign.

In astrology, zodiac signs signify psychological conditions, each with a clear goal in mind.

While planets tell us the what of the matter, such as what energy is present in any given situation, zodiac signs answer questions that start with why or how.

For example, the sign of Gemini would ask:

“How can I stay open-minded in spite of this stress?”

The sign of Leo might ask “Why do I feel frustrated when I’m not allowed to shine?”

Capricorn could ask: “How can I become an expert in my career?”

Zodiac signs can be on their best behavior or they can be working in their shadow.

As an example:

For Aries to be doing its highest self, it requires some form of courage building. It needs to do things that scare it, in order to feel alive and in order to thrive. Going on adventures, pushing the envelope and behaving in ways that sometimes are worrisome for their families, this is the personality type of Aries. If Aries is not allowed these psychological outlets, it will act out its cardinal fire energy and start to do its shadow; namely become belligerent, aggressive or angry. The personality of a zodiac sign is always there, it’s how you are allowed to live it, either positively or negatively, that determines its outcome.

It’s the job of the zodiac sign to express itself.

It’s the job of the person with the zodiac sign to determine how to express it.

Choose to be your best self, through the various zodiac signs in your chart and you will find yourself feeling fulfilled, content and happy. Elect to ignore what your zodiac sign is implying or allow someone else to control your personality, and you will feel frustrated, resentful and may frequently be “acting out.”

Knowing this, you can see how important it is to understand your zodiac sun sign and its various personality traits and to choose to live it with purpose.


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