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About today

  • 2019. June 27.
  • Today's zodiac is Cancer.
  • Today is the 4. day of the week.
  • The 26. week of the year.
  • This month has 30 days.
  • It is the 27. day of the month.
  • This year is not a leap year.
  • Daily Planet:
  • Mars Mars
  • Daily Mineral:
  • Sodalite Sodalite
  • Did you know?
  • The Astrological Lodge of London is the oldest astrological society in the English speaking world founded by Alan Leo in 1915. It aim is to celebrate and teach the workings of astrology and although regular meetings are held in London, England they have a worldwide membership. Current and previous members and associations include Nicholas Campion, Jeff Mayo and Russell Grant.

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