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About today

  • 2019. February 23.
  • Today's zodiac is Pisces.
  • Today is the 6. day of the week.
  • The 08. week of the year.
  • This month has 28 days.
  • It is the 23. day of the month.
  • This year is not a leap year.
  • Daily Planet:
  • Jupiter Jupiter
  • Daily Mineral:
  • Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite
  • Did you know?
  • Old Moores Almanack has been published since 1697 and still has a large readership today. Originally written by Francis Moore who was an astrologer who worked at the court of Charles II it first contained only weather forecasts. Today, the publication includes lucky numbers, astrological predictions, celebrity astrological profiles as well as astrological information such as phases of the moon.

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