are horoscopes pseudoscience

Are Horoscopes Pseudoscience? No, But..Here’s The Bitter-Sweet Truth

Oh, so you think the stars have aligned, and you’re going to meet your soulmate this week? Sorry to burst your bubble, but lightning doesn’t strike twice. And let me guess. Your horoscope told you this? Yeah, because the alignment of celestial bodies thousands of miles away has a direct impact on your love life. 

Don’t get me wrong, horoscopes can be entertaining, but let’s not take them too seriously. While predictions can be helpful, we should be mindful that they have their limitations.

Not every horoscope is a horoscope

The order of planets does have an impact on our lives on a daily basis. Horoscopes, on the other hand, are complex and require consideration of numerous factors. They examine the available energy to make predictions about potential events. When selecting and reading your horoscope, it is essential to consider other influences as well.

Astrologers often create general horoscopes that offer a broad overview of what could happen to people born under a certain sign over a given period. The problem with these horoscopes is that they fail to cater to the distinct circumstances of each person. For instance, a weekly horoscope for Capricorn would apply to millions of people born under that sign. Therefore, it may not accurately predict what will happen to you specifically.

The majority of astrological predictions tend to be too broad since they fail to take into account the multiple factors that shape an individual’s life. Focusing solely on one’s sun sign ignores the many other aspects of their chart that come into play.

Your rising sign is more important than your sun sign

Did you know that your rising sign holds more weight than your sun sign when it comes to astrological predictions? Instead of relying solely on your sun sign, it’s recommended to obtain a personal horoscope from a skilled astrologer who can analyze your chart and current transits specific to you. By doing so, you’ll gain valuable insight into your unique circumstances and receive highly accurate predictions. It’s a worthy investment for those seeking a deeper understanding of their astrological profile.

If you’re looking to gain a broader perspective on your life, getting a progressed chart or yearly horoscope done on your birthday might be worth considering. While general horoscopes, like daily and weekly ones, can be helpful, it’s important not to rely solely on them to make decisions for you. Instead, take in what they’re saying and use it to expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Horoscopes are intended to offer guidance for individuals in their daily life and spiritual journey. I have noticed that certain people are relying too heavily on horoscopes for direction in handling situations. It’s important to note that therapists typically schedule weekly or monthly visits to allow their patients ample time to process and learn to handle situations independently. Similarly, astrology should also be used in a way that empowers individuals to develop their own decision-making skills.

If you want the best guidance, monthly horoscopes are the way to go. Weekly horoscopes are fine, but being in tune with yourself means that no transit should be able to disrupt your peace, whether it’s pleasant or not.

The point of astrology is to aid you in understanding yourself, your neighbor, and our universe. It is an amazing tool for self expansion. However, it is not going to do all the work for you and it is not a magical solution.

To truly benefit from a horoscope, it’s important to consider the astrologer’s energy and vibrations. Your growth and spiritual evolution can outpace the insights provided by your current astrologer. By embracing your own unique energy, you’ll be able to attract horoscopes and readings that are in tune with your personal vibration. 

Don’t limit yourself by relying solely on the insights of others. Trust in your own intuition and energy to guide you towards the horoscopes that will truly resonate with you.

It may be time for you to seek out a more spiritually advanced astrologer or to continue your journey alone. Keep in mind that various astrologers may have different predictions, as they have different objectives in mind. It is important to choose an astrologer whose goals align with your own in order to receive the guidance you need.

Your astrologer’s predictions

If you are seeking to attract love, wealth, or spiritual growth, your astrologer’s predictions will align with your desires. The individual you are drawn to is likely in harmony with your vibration. However, many of us are not even aware our true desires, so it’s essential to choose an astrologer based on both intuition and logic. Trust in the process and let your astrologer guide you towards your desired outcome.

When it comes to horoscopes, it’s crucial to combine them with rational thinking, no matter their source. Keep in mind that most horoscopes are general and may not fully apply to your life. Consider the various factors that impact your life. It’s not about being skeptical, but rather being grounded and level-headed.

Horoscopes are some of my favorite things in the world. They give you hope straight from the Universe! They are always uplifting, giving you inspiration to keep going in the darkest of times. Just remember the tips mentioned above, and horoscopes will be a great tool to aid your personal growth and prepare you for the abundance that is coming your way!