The Astrological Importance of the Planets

The planets have an influence on you, how you act, how you handle situations, and how you relate to others. Although the universe might seem like a random system with chaos here, order there, and more chaos over there, it is actually a perfectly ordered system. Everything somehow affects everything else and in astrology, the planets have an obvious impact on how our lives unfold.

Planets and The Zodiac Signs

There are nine planets. Astronomers have relegated Pluto to a ‘dwarf planet’ but in astrology, the influence of Pluto as a planet is undeniable. Each of these 9 bodies influences our lives in different ways. The ones whose orbits are farther from the sun have more long-term influences. The ones that are closer to the sun can have short-term influence. For example, the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars shift through the zodiac signs quickly. For this reason, they tend to affect your daily moods and drives. Wondering why you suddenly feel fired up for your partner? It might be the hand of Mars which rules our sexual drive.

The outer ones such as Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn take much longer to transit through the zodiac. These tend to have a longer lasting effect on our lives. For example, while the moon might change your mood several times in a week, Saturn has influence over the stages of your life spanning years. Some of the outermost planets such as Pluto are known to give characteristics to entire generations.

What does ‘ruling planet’ mean?

As earlier stated, as the planets journey through the zodiac signs, these locations affect people differently. Knowing your zodiac sign is one thing but for you to make use of this and understand how it works, you have to know what the ruling planet of your sign is. For each sign of the zodiac, there is a ruling planet assigned to it. The ruling planet of each sign is its original form and understanding it is vital.