saturn return

Saturn Return – An Important Astrological Transit

Perhaps you have heard the term in Astrology called the Saturn Return? In our solar system, the planet Saturn travels once around the Sun every 29.4 years, arriving back to where it originally started from on your first day of birth. Starting around 28 years old and moving into 30 years, it has some lessons and wisdom to share with you. Depending on what flavor of wisdom a planet emotes, has a lot to do with what it is attempting to say.

With Saturn wisdom, it speaks to us about the necessity of structure. It talks about the reality of taking responsibility for your actions, the benefits of hard work and how that can change your life by following the path of discipline; to place one foot in front of the other, eventually arriving at the top of the hill.  Saturn gives us the tools to grow up, to mature and see the whole picture of reality.

Because of Saturn’s wisdom, it has gotten a bad rap over the years.  Who wants to hear about how we should be more responsible, more determined and never give up no matter what? Unfortunately (or fortunately), Saturn does. We think we would rather learn about how lucky we are so we can play the lottery! Saturn doesn’t go in for luck.  Saturn will choose skill and hard work any day of the week.

Do you notice that on first Saturn Return’s, we start to see life with more maturity? With more clarity about how we have wasted some of it? First Saturn Return’s find many people getting married, starting a family, buying homes and getting secure jobs. During second Saturn Return’s, at 58-60 years old, Saturn asks us how do we want to see our old age? How do we imagine our next 30 years? Who are we now?

Saturn asks the hard questions, but it also gives us gifts.  Doesn’t it sound fitting to utilize Saturn positively if you want to write that novel you have always dreamed of writing? If you are studying for your PhD or you are in medical school, it would be great to have Saturn in your corner, pressing you to work harder, garner the gifts in your chosen field or mission in life. During a Saturn Return, write lists of things you still have to accomplish.  Then methodically, check them off after completion. Saturn, as the authoritarian parent, will appreciate your effort and reward you accordingly.