Libra: How to Deal with a Breakup

The positioning of the stars and planets at your time of birth influences your character. If you believe in astrology then you know this is true. This, to some degree, determines how best you can handle the many situations life throws at you. Most people will promptly nod to the fact that one of the most painful situations life sometimes throws our way is a heartbreak. Could there be a way to deal with awful time depending on your zodiac? Well, if you agree that the Zodiac affects people’s characters then yes, it can also direct you during a breakup.

If you are a Libra, here are some ways you can better handle a breakup.

No matter how distraught the situation might be, Libras will always exude love and harmony. They ooze with romance, loyalty, and an inborn desire to always be in good terms with themselves and those around them. Most Libras have a firm grasp of what pain is and the many ways it hits us. This is the basis of their idealistic nature.

In most cases, a Libra will never call for a breakup as they try to avoid confrontation. Splitting with someone is pretty hard for them. No matter how annoying you might be, Libras will go to great lengths to ignore provocation.

When do Libras call for a breakup?

If you do not seem to be committed to the relationship, a Libra might push for a breakup. They are romantic and if you deny them the environment to express this trait in, they will show you to the door. Most Libras are not after short-term flings and affairs. Most of the time, they want someone who will offer them their whole life.

How to Handle Breakups Best for Libra

Channel your emotional pain into something artistic, no matter how bad you might be at art. Immerse yourself in all sorts of artistic expression. Take time to visit museums, read books, and go to musical events and plays. Most artistic people are also emotional. It is possible that some of the art you will see was made by people that were feeling the same way you are. Let them inspire you to convert your pain into something wonderful as well.