Key Differences Between Numerology and Astrology

The similarities between Numerology and Astrology may seem nearly identical, leading to a confusing mixture of the two. However, though they are based on inherent absolutes like placement of the stars or patterns, they’re quite different. Let us make the distinction: astrology is all about “divining” information about the self, or people, or entire nations, based on birth dates and placement of the stars/planets on said birth date. There are various interpretations that come about from that, all of which are more for self-discovery.

Numerology, as you might imagine, instead uses numbers and numerical symbols to divulge information about daily patterns, relationships, and personality traits. For some, this is a good alternative to regular astrology as it runs on mathematical patterns or predictions. Numerology also subscribes to the idea that all objects have a certain identity of energy which gives off its own aura and vibration. By identifying this aura you can understand the object better, which, according to numerology, also applies to people. The differences here then is that, astrology focuses on the discovery of the self and numerology is the understanding of others.

You may ask yourself then, which of these metaphysical ideals is best for me? There’s no one perfect answer and it will always vary from person to person. However, it can and usually does depend on where you stand, and what you want to know. As mentioned, numerology looks for meaning in symbols and patterns. Patterns imply there is some manner of predictability in events, people, or things. Imagine weather, for example. While predicting it perfectly all the time is not generally possible, one can make proper assumptions about it throughout the year. For example, because last year, and the years before, had seasons of Spring to Winter, you can assume for the coming year the seasons will be the same. Thus, they repeat in a pattern.

Numerology relies more on what’s at hand and what is available. Astrology, in a different thread, uses past information. If you do any type of research you’ll often find “advanced” astrology makes use of your birth date and time of birth, and based on birth charts makes various assumptions about your personality, how others perceive you, and how you can perceive others. Some use these to make important decisions about their life, be it romantically or for education, even a business investment. Others use it as an aid to try and plan ahead or gain a deeper understanding of their “role” in the universe, to better understand their destiny.

So, if you were to follow either principle, the choice is left on what you prefer. Do you feel you can make proper judgments upon a person through understanding their “aura,” or that you can perhaps influence the energy around you by finding objects with similar energy patterns? Or, would you rather use the absolutes of the stars, relying on constellations and the movement of the heavens to gain footing in the world around you? There is no wrong answer, just different methods to go about things.
Ultimately, both metaphysical philosophies attempt to offer some greater explanation than what’s available, by using methods that go beyond what’s ground in reality. Whatever your decision, it should be what makes you most happy and most perceptive about the confusing time we often live in.