Interview With a Numerologist

Bruce Myers is a young astrologer and numerologist who is really knowledgeable in his field. He talks about his life as a numerologist, how he started, and what numerology can do for the lives of people.

What inspired your interest in numerology?

My grandfather, who passed on some years back, was a master astrologist. You could say it was in my blood if you like. When I was 18, my life was stuck and nothing I did ever seemed to flourish, especially my work. One day when I was lazily browsing the internet, I came across an article about numerology. It talked about how your name can affect your luck. I had to change my name and I really saw a difference. This pushed me to study the phenomenon deeper and that is how I started.

 How did your turn your craft into a career?

I was having a very difficult time in my career as a web designer. I had left my company and tried to start something by myself but it failed. One time, I asked some of my friends to let me do their readings. They were all astounded by the accuracy of the things I told them. From there, word spread and I had many people coming to me for a reading. I have never looked back since.

What is the best part about numerology?

Numerology has a certain simplicity to it. You could simply move numbers around and suggest the perfect gemstone to get some really compelling results, all in a couple of minutes.

What are some of the mistakes people make when dealing with numerology?

One of the problems I have seen that people sometimes depending on it alone. Numerology works really well but it should not be the only weapon in your arsenal. One of the best ways to have a more rounded approach is to combine astrology and numerology.

Also, getting a positive reading does not mean you have to relax and get lazy. You still need to do your part with hard work, honesty, patience and discipline. It is also important to be sure what you are doing is right. Half-baked knowledge can sometimes be destructive. You might be able to add and subtract numbers and push letters here and there. But, the most important part, the hardest, is knowing what the message means to someone. Generalising does not help anyone.